Weather station Praha 10 Bohdalec

(Located at Na Krivce street, Prague 10, GPS 50.06033, 14.4687, 247m altitude, Timezone CET)

Temperature = 0.8 C measured on Jan 18 02:08
Relative Humidity = 85 % measured on Jan 18 02:08
Dew Point = -1.4 C measured on Jan 18 02:08
Pressure (sea level corrected [QFF]) = 1033.7 hPa (raw [QFE] 1002.4 hPa), QNH = 1032.3 hPa; measured on Jan 18 02:08
Air density = 1.275 kg/m3, density altitude = -416.7 m, ratio to true altitude = -1.69 ; measured on Jan 18 02:08
Wind speed average = 0.2 m/s, gusts = 1.2 m/s, azimuth = 180 degs measured on Jan 18 02:03
Rain intensity = 0.1 mm/h measured on Jan 18 01:55
Time of last precipitation = Jan 18 00:39
Rain cumulative daily = 0.6 mm measured on Jan 18 01:55
Rain cumulative weekly = 2.2 mm measured on Jan 18 01:55
Temperature inside the rain gauge = 5.3 C measured on Jan 18 02:03
Illuminance (of a vertical surface oriented towards north) = 0.6 lx measured on Jan 18 02:09
Today Sunrise: 2022-01-18 07:52:34 CET
Today Sunset: 2022-01-18 16:32:54 CET

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CHMI radar and amateur meteodata over Google maps

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Automatic snow measurement by CHMI and New snow measurement stations operated by CHMI

My favorite global forecast services YR.NO and (models from NOAA and METEOBLUE)

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Other meteostations at Blovice and Plzen-Doudlevce

Weather station technical data: home-brew open hardware and open source construction, controlled by Atmel ATmega32 (new version has ATmega128), using Sensirion SHT75 temperature and humidity sensor, Motorola MPX4115A pressure sensor, PerkinElmer VTP9812FH photodiode, La Crosse TX20 anemometer (not heated - under certain conditions azimuth or speed can freeze), and rain gauge based on the TFA 47.3003 with self-made heating, with 433MHz wireless transmission to an embedded linux server. Notice that the meteostation sensors have not been calibrated and absolute values of e.g. pressure can have a minor offset. Magnitude of the pressure offset can be estimated by comparing the QNH with respect to METAR PRAHA
Description of the meteostation construction and firmware source code can be found here , together with other electronic constructions.

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