I have several avocations, but too little time to make a nice page about them at the moment. Besides the sports listed below, electronics and computer programming have been my hobby since childhood.

Concerning sports, I practice several ones in a recreational way, mainly skiing, snowboarding, bicycling, motorcycling, horseback riding, and scuba diving. Recently I have obtained the Czech ULL(A) pilot license for light sport aircrafts.

After my first solo flight at LKSZ, a memorable event for each pilot.
Click here for more photos and video from my flights.

I sometimes use my motorbike as a transportation to geographically close-lying conferences, e.g. in the Conference Center of Academy of Sciences in the Liblice castle.

Hubertus ride in the beautiful autumn nature is always a very nice experience.

This is a picture from a bicycle trip with both children:

And a year later, Stepan already sits in the child seat; surprisingly he is able to sleep in the child seat during a trip on unpaved roads :-)

This is a picture from a wreck dive at Key Largo, FL

This is me with a grey nurse shark in Sydney; this dive was certainly a more exciting option to the default conference excursion.

Here are some underwater photos made at the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns and here are a few ones from Key Largo, Florida.