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I work as a researcher in quantum chemistry; here you can find my professional pages:

at the J. Heyrovský Institute
at the Faculty of Science and at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University

Here is my hobby page
and here is my Blog

Here you can download the LA library, a C++ linear algebra library.

BDC: BibTeX Duplicates Checker.

Teaching students the basics of coupled cluster theory

No Facebook and I am avoiding gmail and social networks which harvest data of their useds as well.

Moreover, in recent years Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon and others introduced "politically correct" censorship and banning of political opponents of the ``progressive left'', which is entirely unacceptable for me. The denial of hosting services to Parler is another level. This "cancel culture" brings me reminiscences of the late stage of the communist regimes in the eastern block, with all the hypocrisy, censorship, and autocensorship, which I remember very well from my youth.
Indeed, they took the Orwell's famous book 1984 as an instruction manual, creating an online "Ministry of truth", partly on behalf of some governments (Germany, France, EU, USA-Democrats), partly probably from their own initiative.
I therefore personally boycott all these companies, having no account with them, don't use their services and I "de-googled'' my android smartphone so that they cannot spy on me. I run my web server and e-mail on my private hardware which I manage myself.

My web pages are also free of javascript (except occasionally MathJax), use no third-party analysis, perform no tracking, use no cookies, contain no ads, and support SSL/HTTPS, so you are welcome to browse freely here :-). They are also static, i.e. employ no PHP or SQL scripts and are thus immune against many attacks - you will most probably not find any malware here.

If you want to contact me, write to jiri at pittnerovi dot com.

You can encrypt the mail using GPG and my public key.

Voice communication via TOX protocol after prior email agreement is possible.

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