Porting C source code of AES and elliptic curves (ECC) ciphers to small microcontrollers

Using modern strong cryptography does not really require Intel or AMD processor or specialized hardware acceleration. Even an 8-bit Atmel ATmega microcontroller can efficiently run AES and on ARM7TDMI chip like LPC2106 elliptic curves cryptography can be done.

Here are my ports of some free public domain implementations of these ciphers in C to the small MCUs:
AES for Atmel AVR - a byte oriented implementation in C language with the tables moved to flash memory, runs reasonably fast (at least for typical MCU applications like access control systems, where just password hashing or floating code implementation is needed)
ECC for Atmel AVR - C source code, works, but too slow due to 32-bit arithmetics involved (I guess a rewrite in assembly would not help much here)
ECC for ARM7TDMI - C source code runs reasonably fast, just a problem with non-aligned 32-bit words on ARM7TDMI had to be fixed

See also my page on KeeLoq with an AVR implementation

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